A studio focused on bringing ideas to life through explainers, videos, infographics, and motion graphics.

Indeed - Integration Hub

ATS Sync for Workday allows you to directly connect Indeed with your Applicant Tracking System, Workday creating a seamless link and streamlining your hiring process.

Artboard 2HUB
Integration Hub

Databricks - Air Miles Canada

One of a series of animations effectively illustrating how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform empowers its customers to leverage analytics and AI for real-time data interpretation, enabling the delivery of personalized offers to their customers.

Databricks - Loyalty One
Air Miles Canada

Video projects we specialise in

Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel
A 5-star hotel experience

Brand Stories

Brand storytelling videos are powerful marketing tools that use video to communicate a brand’s authentic narrative in a way that connects emotionally with its audience. They go beyond simply showcasing products or services, instead focusing on weaving a tale that highlights your values, mission, and the impact you have on people’s lives.

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Informasjonsfilm for Polakademiet


eLearning videos are short, engaging video clips used to deliver educational content online and are wildly versatile.  They’ve become a popular tool for various contexts, from corporate training to online courses and even tutorials on designed to onboard users and teach them how to get the most out of your product or service.

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Plant-based protein series


Explainer videos are short, animated (or sometimes live-action) videos designed to clearly and concisely explain a product, service, concept, or idea. They are marketing powerhouses, often used on landing pages, social media, and websites to quickly grab attention and communicate value to your audience.

Education in Emergencies


Infographic videos are a dynamic combo of visual storytelling and engaging information, blending the best of infographics and video formats. Imagine vibrant charts, statistics, and illustrations seamlessly animated to explain complex topics or showcase data in a captivating way.