A concept-driven production studio that brings ideas to life through explainers, infographics, video & motion graphics.

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Integration Hub

Indeed - Integration Hub

ATS Sync for Workday allows you to directly connect Indeed with your Applicant Tracking System, Workday creating a seamless link and streamlining your hiring process.

Databricks - Loyalty One
Air Miles Canada

Databricks - Air Miles Canada

One of a series of animations effectively illustrating how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform empowers its customers to leverage analytics and AI for real-time data interpretation, enabling the delivery of personalized offers to their customers.

SandboxAQ Security Suite


SandboxAQ aims to make a significant impact on the world through the use of AI and quantum technologies in various fields, including medicine, cybersecurity, and navigation.

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Indeed - Text/Scan
Advertising solutions

Indeed - Text/Scan to apply

Text to Apply and Scan to Apply features helps you drive up to 30% more applications by quickly engaging local candidates on the go.

Who is MARV?

Indeed - Who is MARV?

This animation is the first in a series of explainer videos aimed at educating anyone working in Marketing at Indeed on who the MARV team is, what the MARV team does, and how to best work with the MARV team for all Marketing projects.

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Financial planning software


A bit of 8-bit game action, from characters to stages, weapons and monsters, every step was a total joy to work on and made us all pretty damn nostalgic… those of us born in the 80s at least.

Untitled 2
Plant-based protein series


A fun series of videos we recently did for Nasoya, a plant-based alternative to healthy living, yum 🤤.
Jones & Co lead the project with his unique style of illustration and colour and 3rdfloor handled the animation.

Artboard 1mobiz
Personalized SMS Marketing


Bright colours and fun characters were the order of the day (excuse the pun😬) for this explainer about the power of personalised SMS marketing.

Canadian real estate app


An intro video for REW’s agent-centred app, REW.one.

Standard Bank
Instant Money Wallet

Standard Bank

Standard Bank’s Instant Money Wallet allows anybody to send money to anybody else! Genius.